Catching the tram to the hostel in Zurich

Posted: January 18, 2009 in moblog

After Claire had just been man-handled by a toilet cleaner in Zurich
station, we went outside to find tram number 7 to the youth hostel. A kind
old man came up to us and told us how the tickets worked in zurich. For 8
swiss francs one could get a travelcard for zone 10 (the central most
district stretching southwards enough to encompass the location of our
hostel) that was valid from the moment of purchase for the next 24 hours, on
trams, buses and trains. The journey from the train station to the hostel
took about 15 minutes.

On arrival at the hostel we decided to upgrade to a double room rather than
stay in separate sex dormitories. Everything in Zurich is expensive,
including youth hostels. 139 swiss fr for our double room, which turned out
be a room with 2 sets of bunk beds.

We decided to eat at the hostel before heading out. I discovered I didn’t
like fondue, or this particular swiss variety that I’m sure was mixed with
vodka or some strong alcoholic mixture. We then headed to town, walked
around a bit and found a bar. 1 beer, not even a pint, and a glass of red
wine was 17 swiss francs, so only enough money for one round.


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