Waiting for a crepe in Colmar

Posted: January 18, 2009 in moblog

Waiting for a crepe in Colmar, originally uploaded by rowlando.

Last night we returned on the bus to Colmar from the picturesque wine
producing town of Ribeauville. I’d certainly recommend catching the bus
during the day to Ribeauville because it offers amazing scenery and the
opportunity to pass through 4 smaller villages in the alsace region and
costs a paltry 3 euros for a single.

In effect the bus was our taxi as we were the only passengers. As we
approached Colmar, I knew to expect a copy of the statue of liberty so moved
seat to get a good pic. The bus driver noticed me so slowly drove an extra
lap around the roundabout out of sheer courtesy. Got a good video short.

As we approached the centre of Colmar Claire asked the bus driver if he drop
us off as close to the Little Venice part of town as possible. He obliged
and remarked on the statue of liberty stunt. I showed him my video footage
and he was pleased that his smooth driving had been taken advantage of.

We had dinner in a small restaurant in Little Venice. There was nothing
veggie on the menu so Claire asked in French if they could whip something up
and they obliged. We had a cremant d’alsace, a sparkling wine, a couple of
glasses of cotes du rhone and some fine grub, including dessert, all of
which was completely deserved given the amount we’d walked that day. Oh and
we did have a couple of wine tastings in Ribeauville, both from wineries
that were related by the family name Sipp. Jean was Louis Sipp’s cousin so
told by the goofy French woman who served us in Louis’s winery.

This morning, we got up late and headed in to town for some lunch before
boarding the train from Colmar to Zurich at 1:30pm.

Here’s Claire waiting for a nutella crepe:


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