Four packed trains per hour. What good is that!

Posted: February 3, 2009 in london, travel
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There was a hilarious moment when an empty 8 carriage train slowly pulled into the station. People started to get excited, then realised that each carriage’s digital display read “not in service”. Boo! The train came to a stop. A look of confusion on potential passengers faces. A member of south west train’s staff announces over the tannoy, in a surprised tone, “Waterloo. This train is for Waterloo.” Passengers from either end of the platform started to converge towards the train’s doors. “This train is NOT in service”, announces a different member of south west trains staff moments later. Everyone smiles and the train departs empty. One faulty carriage apparently. What a joke!


An eight carriage train arrived at Surbiton station, completely full of course. A few people managed to get on. I gave up waiting after speaking to my PM. Another day working from home it is then.



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