I’m a photographer, not a terrorist

Posted: September 14, 2009 in london

I'm a photographer, not a terroristA while ago I came across a Youtube video that, via a confrontation with a couple of clueless PSCOs, highlighted how police were isinterpreting the terror guidelines on photography. On the 10th of August, I’m a photographer, not a terrorist campaign launched a new website.

Some further clarification from the Home Office has been issued to police chiefs up and down the country due to campaigns like I’m A Phographer. However, as written in the comments of the blog post, this is progress but the law needs clarifying more to cover normal folk like me, not limited to professional journalists and the fluffy term “tourists”. Anyone should be able to take photos in public spaces no matter what the event or time is. As it happens, I don’t take photos of political events or demonstrations, but for those who do I think it is important to allow this to happen without risk of intimidation by police officers or ill-informed security guards because photos and videos tell the truth more often than not.

In other news

In other related news, I was going to start a beginners photography course next week but it is full, even after the college putting on a second class. I’m going to enrol tonight for the course starting in January. Should give me sometime to experiment a bit more with my new lens, a Sigma 50mm, good for street photography because of the magnification it offers.


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