Before/after photoshop

Posted: October 8, 2009 in photography

Tonight was the 3rd class of “Working with Photography: From blogs to book publishing” at a college round the corner from my home. Karl Grupe is teaching us the basics of photoshop in a fun, open manner. I’ve always been confused by Photoshop, never having the patience to learn it myself. So far we have learnt about burning, dodging, cloning, healing, cropping, zooming and fonts.  With a few pointers I’ve managed to get the knack of these basic tools. I’m rather pleased with my efforts tonight. What d’ya think?

Piazza Navona

Before photoshop

Piazza Navona

After Photoshop cleanup

  1. worddreams says:

    You’re doing well. I teach 5th graders Photoshop and you are now smarter than a fifth grader (I hope you’ve seen the TV show).

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