More images from my photoshop class

Posted: October 24, 2009 in photography, xavier

At the last couple of photoshop classes I learnt about a few more basic tools. Magnetic lasso is a pretty damn good tool for selecting parts of a photo. It will take a bit of practice to master these essential tools, plus learning more advanced techniques that help me to create exactly what I had envisioned.

Messing around with a few of the tools I know I used a couple of my snaps to create this monstrosity :

Strange montage

Strange montage

The week before I tweaked a photo by cropping, playing with brightness/contrast, cloning parts of the image and adding some text. Not too bad, except for the dodgy colour near the bottom right of the image:

David Cronenburgs Wife @ 12 Bar Club

David Cronenburg's Wife @ 12 Bar Club


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