Annoying pigeon needs to die – Just Flock off!

Posted: June 12, 2010 in london

Over the past 6 months Claire and I have endured a varying number of annoying pigeons. At first there were 3 or 4 pigeons, all cooing for attention. I stuck some old CDs on the kitchen and bedroom window sills to stop them from sitting there. This worked. The unforeseen consequence however is they now roost out of sight, on the roof or in the gutter just above our bedroom window.

I think the gutter is home to a single pigeon. I can only hear one pigeon in the morning. Other pigeons appear during the day, sitting on our neighbours window sill or roof. During the day it doesn’t bother me. It’s only the 5am wake up call, even on weekends! It gets to Claire more than me though.

I am seriously thinking about getting paid help. A Google search returns a surprising number of results for pest control services around our area:

Rentokil have an entertaining blog post about what not to do when it comes to bird control as demonstrated by films.

Skip to 1 min, 7 secs on the video below. I would quite like to do this right now:

A few quotes from Facebook/Twitter over the past few months:

Claire Smith is not one to stifle creativity but I wish the pigeon trying to imitate a fire alarm at 5.30am would shut the hell up!

Seriously, pigeon. Enough!

today is a good day! pigeon didnt coo til 7am, its payday and there doesn’t seem to be any drilling outside the office!

Another night of 4 hours sleep thanks to the feathered vermin nesting on the rooftop. I may actually wrestle the thing off the roof myself. Now to spend the next 7 hours in an overly warm office with drilling noises and sewer smells wafting the windows. I’m living the dream

i h8 pigeons!

Is it a tad ironic that Claire’s favourite Family Guy episode is the bird one? You can watch a longer version at Metatube.

Oh, I nearly forgot. I took a picture of a pigeon that look liked it had topped itself. It was hanging from a bridge in Battersea. I took pleasure in this and still do. Is that wrong?

Pigeon hangs itself


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