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Weekend of farty art

Posted: October 25, 2009 in art, london

Yesterday I took a look round the free bit of the Royal Academy of Arts as there was a bloody long queue for the Amish Kapoor exhibition (see his shiny balls in the collage below). After this wondered over to National Portrait gallery, then rested the pins sitting on a pew in St. Martins in the Field, listening to an orchestra and choir rehearse a couple of numbers.

Walked over to Battersea Park to check out the Affordable Art Fair. Saw loads of amazing art but no affordable art. These people live on a different planet. I guess Chelsea is just over the water, where all the rich posh twats live, so the art is affordable to them. Affordable is a relative term. I await the Really Affordable Art Fair, where price tags are £100 or less.

Here’s some of the art I liked:

In the middle of the day when walking around in search of a Sunday roast in a pub, came across a pigeon that had somehow hung itself from a railway bridge. Nasty stuff.