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Clapham Common festival

Posted: July 25, 2010 in london, music

Lots of free ice cream, helter skelter, air guitar experts, toe wrestling stage and some middle of the road rock made for a good Sunday at Clapham Common.

The pics were taken on my phone with a toy camera effect applied.


One Taste Festival 2009 in Balham

Posted: November 12, 2009 in london, music

See us in the audience?

Me and the Smithster, as she calls herself, went to a festival that was new to both of us on Sunday, One Taste Festival. The venue was The Bedford in Balham, a 15 minute walk down the hill from home, a good start. We arrived a couple of hours after the doors opened and received the last 2 of a hundred goodie bags, inside being a couple of CDs, some flyers and party poppers. We wondered around lost for a bit, getting our bearings, found the bar and started to feel at home. One Taste is best described by Amelia’s Magazine. The Smithster knew a friend of a friend of The La De Dahs so went and checked them out in the Globe, one of three rooms setup for live music. They were great and I caught a bit of their version of Creep on my crappy camera.

Whilst the Smithster was getting the beers in, I moved to a better vantage point, position us in the centre of the floor to get perfect stereo, something I always try to do when at gigs. I like my ears to get an equal thumping. Next up were Gabby Young and Other Animals. This was a treat, and at 4pm I thought the festival had reached its peak. However, this quality and enjoyment level lasted for the next 3 hours, with more bands, poets and rappers, and singer-songwriters. We didn’t leave the Globe in search of something better at any point because every single act was that good. And there was literally minutes between each act so no time to get bored and wonder off in another direction. We did miss The Correspondents, the 1 Giant Leap videos, Tim Freke stand-up philosophy,  thing. We did see Kate Tempest (angry), Gideon Conn (this man makes you smile), Laura Dockrill (funny) and Mark Hole (very good album and completely bonkers) amongst others.

Reading Festival 2009

Posted: August 30, 2009 in music

I’m off work now for the next 2 and a bit weeks. Hooray! Today I’m off to the Reading Festival. We’re staying in hotel tonight because it’s impossible to return home at festival end because public transport to London stops at 10pm. Can’t wait to see Radiohead of course. I’m not too sure who else is playing but see it as an opportunity to discover new music. It’s been a hectic few months and I haven’t made much time for music, especially new music.

I’ve just ordered myself a new sony mp3 player to keep me company whilst travelling on my own around Croatia. Claire’s leaving me in Rome to go cruising around the Adriatic.

We’re on a train to Reading and on time. I lied to Claire about the time to get her up. It’s the only way sometimes.

I’ll post about the bands we see later on. Also, I’m gonna continue to blog over the next few weeks because I should, fingers crossed, find myself in some interesting places that I’ll want to remember.

Sleep Facing West by Bryan Teoh

Posted: February 1, 2009 in music

Sleep Facing West by Bryan Teoh