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There was a hilarious moment when an empty 8 carriage train slowly pulled into the station. People started to get excited, then realised that each carriage’s digital display read “not in service”. Boo! The train came to a stop. A look of confusion on potential passengers faces. A member of south west train’s staff announces over the tannoy, in a surprised tone, “Waterloo. This train is for Waterloo.” Passengers from either end of the platform started to converge towards the train’s doors. “This train is NOT in service”, announces a different member of south west trains staff moments later. Everyone smiles and the train departs empty. One faulty carriage apparently. What a joke!


An eight carriage train arrived at Surbiton station, completely full of course. A few people managed to get on. I gave up waiting after speaking to my PM. Another day working from home it is then.




Posted: January 14, 2009 in travel

From my g1 phone

My passport arrives

Posted: January 13, 2009 in moblog, travel

My passport arrives, originally uploaded by rowlando.

My new biometric passport was delivered today at 8:33am, the day before I
needed it. One can always rely on her majesty’s service to come up with the
goods just in time! Note the symbol on the front of the passport. This shows
that there is an electronic inside the passport, which stores a copy of my
photo and personal details.

I’ll be training from London to Brussels, through France via Colmar to
Zurich, then finally a 6 hour train journey through the alps to Salzburg.
Can’t wait!